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You can now add GIFs in your Facebook ads As there are still many people who have no idea about this, you can use this Facebook ad hack to your lose weight creative ads. How to create awesome carousel ads that get clicks: Some of them are provoking, some are hilarious, and one of them actually makes you do neck exercises.

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His team, who was working with a weight-loss client, recognized that, while men were less likely to click on their ads than women, they were significantly more likely to follow through with a conversion. Promote limited-time offers, flash sales, limited-stock items, etc.

They wanted their ads to connect with viewers on a personal level, urging them to seek help immediately. Include well-known concepts and logos Remember when I told you about our light Facebook ad that performed extremely well?

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Now lose weight creative ads only option left without using liposuction is to actually workout at a gym. Creative Display Ad Tip 6: Creative Display Ad Tip 1: Advertisers should take advantage of this and include special offers or discounts in their display ads. People are tired of seeing the same images in their newsfeed over and over again.

9 Funny and Inventive Ads to Make You Lose Weight

The results were staggering: We came across some truly clever ads that will excite you to get fit. Because it was gaining such visibility, we also saw an impressive number of people clicking on the URL to view the guide. Unlike search ads, display ads are not served to searchers who are actively looking for how to lose fat and get 6 pack.

Use the right image size Make sure that your Facebook ad design is at least x pixels wide the standard sizeand that the colors look solid on all screen types.

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Here are 8 creative, effective image ad ideas to explore, using real examples from our own marketing campaigns and client accounts and backed by real data. How to create a Facebook ad with an animated GIF: It was served solely to a male audience and the results were astounding.

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They found that those who viewed fashion magazines reported less satisfaction with their weight and their bodies than those who viewed the l carnitine fat loss results articles. There are mainly two reasons for that: This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

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However, try to keep at least some ad elements in place. Facebook ad design hack 8: The magazines utilized for data collection in this study were as follows: Test adding CTAs in your ad image Facebook ad design hack This conclusion is based solely on my personal experience, and should not be taken professionally.

Define clear dates, e. The image and copy is completely PG, but the innuendo is clear.

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Creative Display Ad Tip 4: Prevalence of, product type, and themes related to weight loss in articles and advertisements were assessed. Engagement rates for these shares soared, so we dove into the data and recognized that people were commenting and sharing the posts due to the unintentionally racy numerical reference in the title.


The simple Facebook ad hack of using well-known logos is hardly used. So it makes a lot of sense to include your product on your ad.

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They always add a boredom diet plan purple layer over their blog images. Simple, that unhealthy food is creating potential consumers for their product. Facebook ad design hack 7: Thomsen et al found that increased frequency of reading health and fitness magazines was associated with eating disordered cognition and behaviors in adolescent girls.

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In an effort to boost click-through rates for these ideal male prospects, they created this ad below. Simple, by using harmful weight-loss drugs. Try replacing your current Facebook a design with a picture of a happy customer.

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If your product has integrations with other popular tools or you collaborate with a well-known brand, show it in your Facebook ads. The curious individual is motivated to obtain the missing information to reduce or eliminate the feeling fat loss twin falls deprivation. Rest assured, despite the not so favorable odds, you CAN design super-creative ads that break through lose weight creative ads noise and captivate viewers, ultimately scoring clicks for your business.

Women who are motivated by appearance are more likely to engage in unhealthy weight do fat burners increase metabolism behaviors. One might say by exercising.