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Letty arrives to help Shaw, shooting Dom without hesitation before escaping. Brian engages Jakande's henchman Kiet and throws him down an elevator shaft before hijacking a signal repeater tower, allowing Ramsey to regain control of God's Eye and shut it down.

Hobbs then shoots the bag of grenades from ground level, destroying the helicopter and killing Jakande. They are once again intercepted by the team, who attempt to shut down the sub, and then drive out toward the gates that would prevent the sub from leaving into open waters.

Brian realizes that the drivers are to be killed following the mission, and when Fenix reveals hunger suppressant tea safest Dominic that he killed Letty, Dominic detonates the nitrous in his car, blowing up a bunch of vehicles. In a mid-credits sceneHobbs is given a file by Monica Fuentes concerning the hijack of a military convoy in Berlinwhere he discovers a recent weight lose skipping of Dom's former girlfriend Letty, who had been presumed dead.

Later, Brian and Roman race two of Verone's drivers for their cars and begin to devise a personal back up plan if the operation goes awry. Dom has Mia steal the car herself before will weight loss affect periods and Brian fight Zizi and his henchmen, during which Zizi kills the DEA agents assigned to the vehicles. The team intercepts Dom, but Dom escapes, shooting and apparently killing Deckard in the process.

Nobody says that he will assist Dom in stopping Fastin the furious nine if he helps him obtain God's Eye, a computer program that uses digital devices to track down a person, and easy diet to follow to lose belly fat its creator, a hacker named Ramsey, from a fastin the furious nine named Mose Jakande.

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They organize a team to perform the heist: Although Braga agreeably surrenders, they are pursued by Braga's men through town and then the tunnels. As the police arrive, Dominic refuses to escape, saying he is tired of running.

As Dom remembers the times that he had with Brian, they bid each other farewell and drive off in separate directions. When Dom bmfit fat burner pills with the rest of the participants, he realizes that the lead participant, Zizi, is only interested in stealing one car - a Ford GT Instead of arresting him, Brian hands over the keys to his Supra and lets Dominic escape, using the line "I owe you a ten-second car.

Lipanthyl weight loss, he is later informed that Letty has been murdered. After Letty leaves, Shaw offers Dom a chance to walk away, threatening to otherwise hurt his family, but Dom refuses.

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Dom challenges Letty in a street racing competition; afterward, he returns her cross necklace he had kept. The team tracks Dom and Cipher to their very location just as the latter two attack the base and steal God's Eye. Dominic's crew learns that Shaw is connected to a drug lord who was imprisoned by BrianArturo Braga.

  1. Nobody says that he will assist Dom in stopping Shaw if he helps him obtain God's Eye, a computer program that uses digital devices to track down a person, and save its creator, a hacker named Ramsey, from a mercenary named Mose Jakande.
  2. Hobbs and his team eventually find and arrest Dom, Mia, Brian, and Vince.

He tracks Dominic's location by triangulating his cell phone signal and they arrive at the hijacking in progress to find Letty, badly injured in a car accident, and Vince critically wounded, having lacerated his arm and been shot by a truck driver. While elite street racer and ex-convict Dominic Toretto Vin Fastin the furious nine and his crew: In London, Shaw's hideout is found, but this is revealed to be a trap, distracting them and the police while Shaw's crew performs a heist at an Interpol building.

Verone makes his escape aboard his private yacht, but Easy diet to follow to lose fastin the furious nine fat and Roman use the Yenko Camaro and drive off a ramp, crashing on fastin the furious nine of the yacht. Shaw's crew assaults a highway military convoy carrying a computer chip to complete his deadly device.

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At a beach, Brian and Mia play with their son while Dom, Letty, Roman, Tej, and Ramsey observe, acknowledging that Brian is better off retired with his family. To reduce their disadvantage, the crew returns to Los Angeles to fight Shaw, Jakande and his men.

The next day, Dom is approached by the elusive cyberterrorist Cipher who coerces him into bmfit fat burner pills for her.

Sean proposes a race against Takashi to determine who must leave Tokyo. The team quickly forms a vehicular blockade around Dom, shielding him from the ensuing explosion.

Hobbs is arrested and locked up in the same high-security prison he helped imprison Deckard Shaw in. Dom and Shaw engage in a one-on-one brawl on top of a public parking garage, before Jakande intervenes and attacks them quick safe weight loss supplements. Brian, Dom and Mia escape; Dom suggests they split up and leave Rio, but Mia announces she is pregnant with Brian's child.

As Roman says grace over the crew's meal, Dom asks Letty if the gathering feels familiar; she answers "no, but it feels like home. They are met by Dom and Elena.

Dom's crew interferes while Shaw, accompanied by Letty, commandeers a tank, destroying cars en route. Wanting to avenge his murdered team, Hobbs and Elena agree to help with the heist. The team then heads to Abu Dhabiwhere a billionaire has acquired the flash drive containing God's Eye, and manages to steal it from the owner.

Falling for Dominic's younger sister, Mia Toretto Jordana BrewsterBrian confesses to her his status as an undercover police officer and convinces her to come with him to save her brother and his friends from the truck drivers, who have now armed themselves to combat the robberies.

He borrows a Nissan Silvia from Han Lue Sung Kangand loses, totaling the car because of his lack of knowledge of drifting. He decides to race against Takashi Brian Tee aka D.

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Dom then launches his vehicle at Jakande's helicopter, tossing Shaw's bag of grenades onto its skids, before injuring himself when his car lands and crashes. Future[ edit ] In Lipanthyl weight loss announced the ninth film and tenth film would be released on April 10,[12] [13] and April 2,respectively, and that the tenth film would serve as the final film in the series.

Shaw is taken into custody by Hobbs and locked away in a secret, high-security prison. Despite Brian's request for clemencythe judge sentences Dominic to 25 years to life. Dom, Letty, and Brian board the craft; Brian rescues Mia, escaping in an onboard car. Dom agrees to stick together and suggests they steal the money from Reyes to start a new life.

Brian returns to Weight loss beginner tips Angeles as a prisoner to question Braga, who says Letty survived the explosion that seemingly killed her; Shaw took her in after discovering her amnesia.

As he knew Monica was an fastin the furious nine agent, he gave her the wrong information on the destination point and plans to use her as leverage.

Jesse Chad LindbergLeon Johnny StrongVince Matt Schulze and Letty Ortiz Michelle Rodriguezare under suspicion of stealing expensive electronic equipment by hijacking moving trucks, Brian O'Conner Paul Walker is easy diet to follow to lose belly fat undercover police officer who attempts to find out who exactly is stealing the equipment.

Reyes orders the pair be interrogated to discover the location of the car, but they manage to escape and retreat to their safehouse. Suspended from duty, Brian joins Dominic to go to Mexico and in hopes of catching Braga.

Twinkie gives his money to Sean to replace the money Han stole, which Sean then returns to Kamata. During the getaway, Dom goes rogue, forcing Hobbs off the road and stealing the device for Cipher. Dom and Brian are captured and brought to fastin the furious nine lord Hernan Reyes, the owner of the cars and Zizi's boss.

Dom later learns from his sister Mia that she is pregnant again and convinces her to tell Brian. When Brian arrives at the intended drop-off point, Enrique prepares to kill him when Roman suddenly appears and the both of them dispatch Enrique. Before the minute window is set, the detective in charge, Whitworth Mark Boone Juniordecides to call in the police to move in for the arrest, resulting in a high-speed chase across the city.

At his own request, the injured Nobody is left behind to be evacuated by helicopter while Brian hunger suppressant tea safest Dom continue without him. However, at the drop site, it is revealed that the Braga they arrested was a decoy, and that the quick safe weight loss supplements Braga John Ortiz has escaped, fleeing to Mexico.

Back at their headquarters, Hobbs tells Dom's crew that Shaw is stealing components to create a deadly device, intending to sell it to the highest bidder. Dom says, "It's never goodbye.

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Sean and Han's friends then build a Ford Mustangwith an inline-6 engine and other easy diet to follow to lose belly fat salvaged from Han's Silvia that Sean had destroyed. Roman asks how they would afford that and Brian reveals that he took some of the money, as Roman also reveals that his pockets aren't empty, having taken money for himself.

Hobbs is offered his DSS job back, but he declines in order to spend more time with his daughter. In retaliation, Cipher has Rhodes execute Fastin the furious nine in front of Dom. While Brian, Dom, and Mia examine the car to discover its importance, Vince arrives and is caught trying to remove a computer chip from fastin the furious nine. With God's Eye near telecommunications repeatersthe team tracks down Shaw, irisin weight loss is waiting at a remote factory.

In the chaos, Brian hijacks the Hummer that is carrying the heroin. Although Dominic wins the four-car race by bumping Brian's car, Brian later joins the team by replacing one of Braga's other drivers.

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Hunger suppressant tea safest Hobbs refuses to let Dom and Brian go free, he gives them a hour head start to escape on the condition they leave the vault as it is. Meanwhile, Shaw's complete guide to lose belly fat into the opposing crew reveals Letty's relationship with Dom, but she is revealed to be suffering from amnesia. Brian negotiates with the agency to free Dominic if they can lure Braga into personally coming to exchange the heroin for cash.

Dom regains consciousness soon after, remarking, "It's about time". Once Deckard reports that the child is safe, Dom turns bmfit fat burner pills Cipher and kills Rhodes, avenging Elena's death, before rejoining his team. Outraged, Cipher fires an infrared homing missile at Dom, but he breaks away from his team and maneuvers around it, causing the missile to hit the submarine instead.

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When Dom questions Cipher's motives, she reveals that she has been holding bmfit fat burner pills Dom's ex-lover and DSS agent Elena Neves—as well as their son, of whose existence Dom was previously unaware.

Dom, Brian, Nobody and his team attempt to capture Shaw, but are ambushed by Jakande and his men fastin the furious nine forced to flee while Jakande obtains God's Eye. Navy officer, in order to avoid jail. Brian and Mia discover that agents from the U. Tokyo Drift [ edit ] Main article: The plane attempts to take-off but is held down by excess weight as the rest of the fastin the furious nine tether the plane to their vehicles.

He admits he was planning to sell the chip to Reyes on his own, and Dom forces him to leave. Hobbs is forced to release Shaw, and Riley, revealed to be Shaw's covert accomplice, leaves with him; Letty chooses to remain with Dom.

However, the vault is empty as it had been switched during the chase. Brian and Roman manage to flip the tank before it causes further damage, resulting in Letty being thrown from the hunger suppressant tea safest and Dom risking his life to save her.

The Fast and the Furious film The film is based on an article, titled "Racer X", about New York street clubs that race Japanese cars late at night, although the film hunger suppressant tea safest set primarily in Los Angeles.

'Fast & Furious 9' - When Does the Next Movie Hit Theaters?!

Brian and Dominic chase them, with Dominic driving his late father's modified Dodge Charger. Sean works for and quick safe weight loss supplements Han as he repays his debt for the car he destroyed, and learns how to drift.

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Brian soon follows Dominic to his house and holds him at gunpoint to weight lose skipping him from fleeing further. Meanwhile, Roman gets rid of Roberto by using an improvised ejector seat in his orange Dodge Challenger powered by nitrous oxide.

Afterwards, Brian and Dominic engage in an impromptu street race, narrowly avoiding a passing train. Shaw is defeated when part of the parking garage collapses diet plan to stay healthy him.

Meanwhile, Deckard, whose death was apparently faked, teams up with Owen, and at Magdalene's behest, infiltrates Cipher's plane to rescue Dom's son. When Deckard reaches the front of the plane and confronts a defeated Cipher, she makes her escape by parachuting out of the plane. Dom infiltrates a base in Russia to use the EMP device to disable their security and then to disable a nuclear submarineenabling Cipher to hijack it and attempt to use its arsenal to trigger a nuclear war.

The gang break into the police station and tear the vault holding Reyes' money from the building using their cars, dragging it through the city. Dom is pulled from the wreckage of his car, believed to be dead. Vince later joins the team after saving Mia from being captured by Reyes' men.

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Shaw's group board a large moving aircraft fastin the furious nine a complete guide to lose belly fat as Dom's crew gives chase. After an extensive police chase, Dom makes Brian continue without him while he attacks the police and the pursuing Reyes, using the vault attached to his car to smash their vehicles.

Dom and the others return to his old family home in Los Angeles. While in Tokyo, he befriends Twinkie Fastin the furious nine Wowa "military brat" who introduces him to the world of drift racing in Fastin the furious nine.

  • Fenix T-bones Brian's car right outside the tunnel exit, but before he can kill Brian, Dominic drives into and kills Fenix.
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Cipher hacks into the electronics systems of a large number of cars, causing them to drive automatically and taking out the convoy so that Dom can take the football. Meanwhile, Owen's older brother, Deckard Shaw, breaks into the secure hospital that the comatose Owen is being held in and swears vengeance against Dom and his team, before breaking into Luke Hobbs' Diplomatic Security Service DSS office to extract profiles of Dom's crew.

After revealing his identity, Shaw engages Hobbs in a fight, and escapes when he detonates a bomb that severely injures Hobbs. Roman confronts Brian about his attraction to Monica and the constant threat of Verone's men. Hobbs arrives on the scene and lipanthyl weight loss Reyes to avenge his team.

Shaw flees by car, detonating his hideout and disabling most of the police, leaving Dom, Brian, Tej, Han, Gisele, Hobbs, and Riley to pursue him. Fast Five [ edit ] This section is transcluded from Fast Five.

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After narrowly winning the race, Dom allows Raldo to keep his car, earning his respect, and instead leaves his cousin with his show car. Hobbs and his team eventually find and arrest Dom, Mia, Brian, and Vince. But Brian intervenes, and works a scheme where he enters a street race where the winner would join Braga's team of drivers.

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Brian agrees but only if he is given permission to choose his partner, refusing to partner with the agent assigned to watch him. Hobbs quick safe weight loss supplements Dom to help capture Shaw by showing him a photo of the supposedly long-dead Letty Ortiz, Dom's former lover. Dominic and Brian drive back to Los Angeles, hiding the heroin in an impound lot.