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This is for one simple reason — for a comedian to successfully execute observational comedy, the audience need to be armed with basic knowledge about the topic he or she is tackling.

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Many drinks, such as coffee, soda and juice, are high in calories. You do realise, presumably, that 'Peacock and Gamble' sounds like a law firm Mr Edward Stephenson Gamble Esq.

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A partner in a diet can help you more easily control your portion controls. I talk about the base of a mashed up cauliflower for pizza!

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Is he - accidentally - the funniest man in hip hop? Do you ever bump into 'The Dog' wandering the BBC halls, now that you've gained a level of notoreity? This being his first solo tour, it felt like he was trying out many different faculties of stand up — and why not?

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I am Type 1 diabetic. Steve Coogan was an influence in terms of getting me into comedy. Your health should always take priority over your money.

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  • His shovel could never be big-enough.

There's loads of best gigs. Called Stampede, the show was a smash-hit at Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Ed is set to delight audiences with tales of cauliflowers, self-depreciation and weight loss.

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I did a lot of sketch comedy at university. I have never fully grasped the ability to make up something with no seed of truth.

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But Ed makes no effort to ed gamble weight loss he is someone else and is not afraid of looking ridiculous. And the chances are, I have heard them before and most of them can be answered with: There is a cauliflower recipe running throughout the show — a recipe for cauliflower pizza.

Ed Gamble: Gambletron | Fringe Guru

We are informally informed that the first half has finished — I would not have known without being told. I had one, which I don't have any more. Simply email comps theransomnote.

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  • Think of it as required pre-reading for my show.
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Gamble keeps everyone on side throughout his climactic spiral of crudeness, which is testament to his natural ability as a comic. A dodgily tattooed, heavy metal devotee with a sensible haircut and desire to see everyone home safely, his misfit status inspires some lovely whimsy on the exercise regimes of various deities, and a tremendous paedophilia gag.

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Either that or tennis. Extended playing with the audience demonstrates his improv background with the Durham Revue.

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Tell us about your good friend Ray Peacock. You can now come to my show fast fat burners bad for you fear. As a Type 1 diabetic, my pancreas has gone kaput. It might be a help me lose weight anorexia from the cult success the double-act has had over the past few years, but the set is full of promise that Ed can cope alone.

Comedy is the new hip hop - discuss I joined the The Durham Review which you had to audition to get in.

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Gamble has a magical ability to rework a joke more times than your average comic, almost to cater for every type of comedy-lover. The award-winning comedian has been the host of the popular Peacock and Gamble podcast sinceand has continued to perform sketches at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where Stampede was a soaring success, selling out most days.

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I wish it came with as much kudos as hip hop. His shovel could never be big-enough.

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Gamble's hormonal imbalance weight loss supplements style also belies his ability to choose the right word to ed gamble weight loss an image, with his good safe diet pills account of repressing a fart during a massage bursting with great lines.

However, this seems to be the norm for performing in The Lantern; earlier this year, Max and Ivan similarly performed mis-matched material, followed by their slicker sketches woven into a fringe-length second half. It helps the complexion. Most of Dan Ed gamble weight loss.

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He found me in a basket outside a brothel and nursed me back to health. Thus, you are able to have fun with everyone else, but will not undermine your dietary efforts.

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But I have never truly and honestly talked about the details and the reality of being a Type 1 diabetic. Aid your weight loss efforts by replacing all of your calorie-filled drinks with water.