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Alesha dixon weight loss. Shape up with the stars in Celebrities share their diet tips |

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  2. Alesha plans her food really well but does allow herself a glass of wine and easy snacks.
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High Intensity Interval Training: Well, a little of what you fancy is fine. This is when you perform an exercise, often a cardio exercise, at maximum intensity for a short period and then slow down and recover not stop for a longer period.

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I love indulging in pasta dishes or really spicy foods, particularly South American and Jamaican. The best back exercises you can do are pull ups.

Alesha Dixon's goal setting approach to fitness - MotleyHealth® So always try to get at last 8 hours sleep a night. Image from Instagram francescasandford.

Weight loss requires a reduced calorie diet. IF you get a takeaway what would it be?

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Do Not Cheat When you are exercising remember that you are doing it for your own benefit. Image from Instagram francescasandford.

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Gemma revealed that she underwent a 12 week transformation in order to improve her strength and tone up for the competition. Former singer Alesha says: Ackee saltfish followed by strawberry cheesecake.

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For example, goals could include: With a little cooking know-how she keeps her diet nutritious and low in nasties. Jennifer Lopez Thought to have gained around 50lb when pregnant with her twins Max and Emme, Alesha dixon weight loss Lo used the a triathlon training as her inspiration for getting fit and losing her baby weight.

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The Saturdays singer has regained her pre-baby figure quickly — something which is reportedly attributed to a juice diet she started one month after giving birth. I work with my fitness trainer twice a week.

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I love things like Indian food, real comfort foods. Sleep and Rest Well Last but not least, remember to rest and sleep well. Then one small reward, such as chocolate or a muffin with your coffee is allowed and may help motivate you to work hard to achieve the other goals.

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WHAT do you tend to snack on during the day? Now in her fifties, Nancy still takes measures to make sure she stays in good shape. Opening up about losing her baby weight in the past, Alesha has always confessed that she's felt no pressure to spring straight back into shape.

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Do not stretch before a workout though, cold stretching risks health shop online lowes. And while the red skirt trailed along the floor, the black top came up short enough to show fans a hint of her washboard abs, which she has clearly worked hard for since the birth of her first daughter.

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I eat more when I'm on tour and cut back a bit when I'm training less. Drink More Water Alesha is quick to remind us that we should all drink more water to help flush out toxins and keep the body well hydrated — water is vital for exercise.

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This simple rule is one of the easiest ways to start losing weight and staying in shape. Go Running Alesha loves running and says that putting your name down for a charity run is a great way to motivate yourself to get fitter and run more.

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The model claimed she got her slim physique back through a mixture of yoga, jogging and healthy eating.